Who are we?

The Thames Valley BIM Region has been set up to facilitate the discussion and sharing of knowledge within a localised region of the south east. Covering Berkshire and surrounding areas, we aim to bring together the different disciplines from across the industry. Our region feeds directly into the South East Region which in turn feeds into the government’s UK BIM Task Group, meaning you can have an influence over how BIM is implemented within the UK. It also means we can disseminate all the latest information to our members to ensure you are fully informed of key developments.

What do we do?

The purpose is to try to answer all of those questions you have about BIM, to discuss the topic with your peers and to share non commercially sensitive information. We want to ensure our region is fully geared up to embrace BIM, something we can only achieve through collaboration with you. We plan to bring you regular seminars, forums and workshops where you can interrogate the experts. Each seminar will include a presentation from a guest speaker, followed by a more intimate discussion in smaller groups and a feedback session.

There are many questions surrounding the topic of BIM and we want to hear your thoughts and opinions; 

     –    do you already deliver projects in BIM?
      –    do you intend to deliver projects in BIM?
     –    are you afraid of BIM?
     –    what does BIM mean for your discipline?
      –    what does BIM mean for your company?

We aim to help companies and individuals by facilitating discussions and workshops; bringing disciplines together to discuss what BIM means for you. We want to put you in touch with the experts so that we, as a region, can present an unrivalled and comprehensive strategy for the implementation of BIM and ensure our regional industry is well positioned to successfully compete for future work.

Across the region there are companies and individuals with varying levels of understanding and knowledge and we hope to ensure everybody has the opportunity to develop their understanding further in preparation for key government mandates in coming years.

Contact us now to find out more and we hope to see you at the next event.