restarting BIM Regions Thames Valley

Last month Evolve Consultancy’s director Daniel Heselwood reinvigorated the Thames Valley BIM region. There are currently 19 different regions across the UK (and even a small contingent in Gibraltar!). The BIM regions are responsible for getting together at least 3 times a year to discuss one thing or another about BIM. Check out your local region from the link
The first event in 3 years is always going to be a little touch and go; will we have enough presenters, can we find someone willing to host it, will enough people get the notification about the event happening and turn up. The first two tasks were straight forward, the few contacts the Thames Valley BIM region still had were really helpful in finding a venue and speakers quickly started hearing an event was taking place and putting themselves forward. The last task of getting the word out about the event, was however, a little more tricky. Once again, some friends of the Thames Valley BIM regions came forward and started promoting the event to their contacts and through their social media feeds and we finally signed up enough to put on the event.
After an initial introduction by Daniel and a request for everyone to join either the mailing list through the sign up form on or join them on Twitter using @BIMRegionsTV there were 3 presentations talking about different company’s implementation of BIM.

​What really came out of this event and what makes them invaluable is the fact that most companies both small and large are on the road to implementing BIM with an aim to be BIM level 2 but it’s certainly not business as usual yet and if you’re not there yet, don’t panic you’re exactly the same as everyone else in the industry.

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